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Xie Xubing

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Xie Xubing, Ph.D in philosophy of art from Central South University, now is a professor, doctoral supervisor and director of environmental design’s department in Architecture and Art School of Central South University. He also serves as a director of China Society of Anthropology of Arts and the deputy director of Hunan Designers Association’s Art Display & Decoration Committee, mainly engaged in teaching, researching and design practicing on the aspects of traditional villages landscape, cultural and artistic heritage, philosophy of art and Anthropology of Arts.

In the past five years, he has published two monographs, “Rescuing architectural heritages—notes on centennial architecture visiting and research in Hunan”, “Chinese Traditional Villages—Wu Baotian” and 16 academic papers (including 7 from CSSCI source journals). He presided over more than 10 research projects, such as the National Social Science Fund project:Studying the cultural discourse change and community development on the maternal culture of ancient village landscape based on the conservation and restoration of architectural heritages(No.18BSH084), the key project of Hunan Philosophy and Social Science Fund:Study on the modern transformation between the “maternal culture” and Culture &Art of the Hunan traditional villages landscape (No.18ZDB037), the Ministry of Education Project of Humanities and Social Science Fund:Remember Homesickness—Research on the inheritance of cultural factors of traditional village landscape in Hunan(No,16YJA760045) as well as the key project of Hunan Philosophy and Social Science Fund:Remember Homesickness—Records of ten villages in Hunan: The Study on village landscape in Wubaotian. 


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