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Porcelain: A Contemporary Cultural Touchstone 瓷器——现当代文化的试金石 Nancy Selvage, 2012 江西景德镇有着一千年的制瓷史,它地处南中国,特有的地理环境为它提供了丰富的原材料,几个世纪的瓷土和釉料生产技术的发展,大规模定烧御用瓷,
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China Society for Anthropologies of Art is a national first grade society; it is a legally registered, nationwide, and non-profit social academic community, which engages in the study of art anthropology-related issues. 
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Curriculum Vitae of Lili Fang Education: 1996—1998, doing postdoctor research in Postdoctor Mobile Institute of Sociology & Anthropology, Peking University, gaining postdoctor degree 1993—1996, studying in Dept. of Fine Art History, 
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Even in a remote mountainous area in GuizhouMiaoVillage, the impact of globalization is felt everywhere. The establishment of the Ecomuseum accelerated the opening up process of these villages. Young males and middle-aged labourers have gone out to work in the cities , They left their traditional cultural envirorments and entered into
日期:05/10/2010 19:27:31 作者:Fang Lili
Summary Like most research, the conclusions reached in this book are based on first-hand field studies, focusing on indigenous societal experience and facts. This book speaks about the Chinese Experience; most information comes from field studies, primarily from two State Key Research Projects: “A Database of Anthropology Resources in...
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Prof. Fang lili attended the American Anthropological Association (AAA) annual meeting
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“The series books of western China humanity resources study” had been accomplished by the National key subject group of “Protection, development and utilization of western China humanity resource”. The subject was started in the second year of the Western Development project of the Country, it’s proposed by Mr. Fei xiaotong, and launched by...
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Tentative Invitation for 2010 China International Conference on Art Anthropology
Respected Mr./Ms We are the Secretariat of China art anthropology institute, the institute is a national first grade institute which is directly managed by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. The institute and Chinese nationa...
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The Research Center of Art Anthropology was established in Feb. 2004. Director of the Center, Prof. Fang Lili is researcher of the Chinese Academy of Art, president of China Society for Anthropologies of Art, and tutor of student for doctor’s degree. The aim of the Center is to
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